The Orenburg State Medical Academy

Department of General Medicine

Duration and mode of study – 6 years, full-time course of study.

Qualification after graduation from this department – “General medicine”.

Academic program. Curriculum for 6 years includes 21600 class hours; major subjects are studied for 6948 class hours.

Regular personnel. 26 Doctors of Medicine and 88 Candidates of Medicine teach at the department.

Clinical trials – more than 15 trials.

Practical training.

  • Assistant of medical attendants (after the 1st year of study).
  • Assistant of a charge nurse (after the 2nd year of study).
  • Assistant of a treatment nurse (after the 3rd year of study).
  • Assistant of a hospital-based physician (after the 4th year of study).
  • Assistant of a physician at the adult polyclinic (after the 5th year of study).

Post-graduate training. Internship in 18 specialities – 1 year of study. Residency training in 28 specialities – 2 years of study.